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São Paulo, 2013.09.17

Heavy rainfall left the towers grand and ailing,

testing the limits of the broken window theory.

The speaker married his palms as in prayer

to lay the groundwork for mathematics:

“It makes business sense, I tell you.”


He thought he had made his pitch,

but then the farmer on the elephant intervened:

“I’m not here to question your salary, kind sir;

I want your ideas and will cannibalize them if I have to.”


The speaker would not be silenced:

“I understand completely, my friend,” he said,

“but please… let’s keep my brain intact.”

And so he spoke of yogurt that saved the nation.


A dog was trembling.

Nothing could be more exciting.


“We see opportunity,” he concluded.

And with that, he summoned a ship to the podium.

Shortly after, everybody was eating yogurt.


With stifling honesty, he brought tears to the poverty-stricken audience,

and for decades on, his yogurt inspired generations of philanthropists.


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